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This Easter Egg was posted on 05 February, 2005.  I worked on this site for 3
weeks and I would like to thank you for stopping by to view my Easter Egg.
Are you a little confused about what an Easter Egg is doing on this site?  As it
would relate to the internet or to computer programming, an Easter Egg is
essentially a hidden file hidden in a program that quite often lists the names of
the developers.  These Easter Eggs can be sanctioned by management, but are
more often than not, unsanctioned by management.
In the case of this Easter Egg, the owner of the site has no idea as of the date
of this page being posted that this Easter Egg resides on their site.
Curious about where other Easter Eggs may be located on the internet?  Try
this one:
  1. Go to the site ( )
  2. Click on
    the link to view "more stores"
  3. Centered at the very bottom of the
    page where all the different amazon stores are listed, there is a hidden
    link.  Click your mouse and hold the button down on the right corner of
    the page.  Slowly drag your mouse to the left and up, this will highlight
    any links and text that may be invisible to the naked eye.  Click the
    square-shaped highlighted spot and you will be brought to one of
    possibly many Easter Eggs located on the site.
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